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Active relaxation through mindful movement and being in the moment, our classes allow you to tap into your grace, strength and poise. Find the balance between effort and grace, stability and strength. Connect with your authentic self.

All hatha yoga classes include pranayama (yogic breath), asana (physical postures), mudras (hand gestures) and savasana (final relaxation). Classes are instructed in a flowing style with breathing and mindfulness incorporating an eclectic mix of hatha asana with influences from various teaching philosophies. Mats, blankets, blocks, bolsters, zafus and eye pillows are provided for your comfort, support and convenience.

New or returning to yoga? The actual physical poses or "asanas" are only one element of a yoga practice. Pranayama or breath work, guided relaxation and the occasional laugh are all part of the greater picture of healing body, mind and spirit.

At The Big Stretch, everyone is encouraged to go at his or her own pace. Even on your best day, you may feel like taking it easy. We encourage you to listen to your body and respect the messages it is giving you. Each person is different, and we can provide variations and modifications to help you relax your body and satisfy any healing requirements.

Not very flexible? Don't worry, it will come. You don't need to be flexible to begin a yoga practice, just like you don't need to be a black belt to begin karate classes. Success in yoga is not measured by your flexibility, but by the ability to draw your mind inwards and feel what is happening inside your body.

For your first time, wear loose, comfortable clothing and arrive 15 minutes early to fill out a small form.

  • All classes are ongoing drop-in style unless pre-registration is indicated.
  • Classes are pregnancy-friendly, as all of our instructors are certified in pre- and post-natal yoga.
  • You may join any pre-registered class already in progress if there is space. Please call ahead. Fees will be pro-rated

Class Fees
Pay as you go or save money by purchasing one of our convenient pre-paid class packages. Prices include HST.

1 class $29
5 classes $125
10 classes $225
20 classes $400

Expiry: Pre-paid classes expire one year from date of purchase.

NO REFUNDS — All sales are final.

Seniors & Students - 10% off (Students must be in full-time attendance at a high school or post-secondary institution. Seniors 65+)

PAYMENT METHODS: We prefer cash, cheques or interac e-transfer to info@bigstretchyoga.com. We will accept VISA and Master Card but would prefer not to have to pay their fees.

Office Hours: Reception hours are in keeping with the class schedule. We are open 15 minutes before each class. Please arrive early to settle your account or to register if it is your first visit.

Class Descriptions

Hatha Yoga Livestream on Zoom (All levels) - Pre-registration required.
Livestream Yoga Class

Our Livestream yoga classes are perfect for those who enjoy / prefer the convenience of practicing from home, the cottage or while travelling. No worries about construction, parking fees or bad weather. Pets get in free!

Our all-levels Hatha yoga classes, suitable to many, integrate the breath with an extensive variety of postures to increase strength and flexibility, deepen the breath, bringing balance, while calming the mind.

There is a deep peace waiting for us, beneath our busy lives, under all of our tension, and beyond our fears. Hatha Yoga will help you tame your mind and expand your heart to find your deep peace, one breath at a time.

Variations and modifications of the postures via verbal cues and demonstrations are offered in every class including suggestions to meet student's individual needs, encourage healthy alignment and to find comfort and joy in the practice.

See you on the mat!

Please pre-register by sending us an email request to info@bigstretchyoga.com at least 1.5 hours before the scheduled class and we will confirm your booking. A link to access Zoom will be provided the night before class or we will try to send out just before your class time if you are a late joiner. Please do not share this link.

Purchase via interac e-transfer to info@bigstretchyoga.com before your booked class.

One Class: $29
Five Classes: $125
Ten Classes: $225
Twenty Classes: $400

Fees include HST. Classes expire one year after purchase.

"Thanks so much Joanne for this past year. I am so glad that I discovered yoga and you! Both are great!" ~ Catherine N.

"Thank you for the gorgeous yoga and Ram. He was sweet.....and very knowledgeable." ~ Rachelle C.

"Yoga really makes me feel much better after a stressful day at school. I especially like when there are candles lit up because it makes the room look magical." ~ Jennifer Manley